… and feeling very overwhelmed.

I have learned over time that I am the type of person that “If I want it done right I have to do it myself” and that is leading me to become very overwhelmed with life at the moment.  Do you ever get to the point where you look around and see that pile of stuff you have to finish for work, the messy house that needs not only cleaning but organizing, the kids you don’t spend enough quality time with, the scale that has gotten a little away from you when you had been so good… and not know where to even start?  I have gotten to that point.  I know I need to start somewhere but I tend to freeze and let myself get overwhelmed instead of picking a starting point and moving towards a goal.  So, that is my mission… 

I started this week (for the first time EVER) prioritizing me.  I had my hernia surgery about 3 months ago and had not been able to exercise at all for a long long time.  my eating habits started slowly slipping back into popcorn, hamburgers and french fries, and although I know I was much better still than I had been before joining Beachbody I was starting to feel tired again and the scale started creeping up just a little bit.  Now I am not panicking about the scale at all but I realize I just don’t feel as good as I had pre-surgery and I was using the I can’t work out excuse for long enough.  I started a few weeks ago off and on doing some of the workouts without weights and modifying to build back my strength.  This week was week 1 on a full play on the 21-day Fix and I will say I am happier and more energetic already than i had been in a while.  It is not easy and this morning especially I did not want to get out of bed… but I am so glad and proud that I did.

This weekend is step 2… Spending a TON of quality time with my boys.  It is Halloween after all!

img_3075        img_3176

And I think I will incorporate step 3 into some of that quality time… Building a plan to get my house back in shape and having them help.  I have noticed that it is causing a lot of stress on the whole family to be disorganized and cluttered… I am off to find some inspiration… Anyone have any tricks they can share with me?